HAP DONG HIGH POLYMERS INC.. has manufactured and marketed a board research program in the polymerization of Acrylic esters, Vinyl Acetate / other monomer and selected as one of the promising companies by Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology.

Our registered Trademark name of emulsion polymer are "MORTITE" , "PCM", "NEORYL", "NEOBOND","CYCLOCOAT", "NEOTAC", "EMULTHANE" AND "NEOTHANE" . Stable emulsions with variety of characteristics are in commercial production. The versatility and relatively low cost of these polymers are continuously broadening their uses.

In their application ranges across many fields, such as floor polish wax, adhesives, exterior & interior paint vehicles, textile finishing, texitile printing, flockling, non-woven, leather finishing, caulks & sealants, coatings and many other miscellaneous applications, the exhibit strong adhesion, excellent weather resistance, excellent water resistance, good chemical / mechanical stability, etc. This brochure is intended to serve as a guide to the various NEORYL thermoplastic / thermosetting Acrylic,Vinyi-Acrylic and Styrene-Acrylic polymer Emulsions. The products listed in the charts contribute many desirable properties to your application.

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